Thursday, April 24

no worries...

I haven't given up...still around...will be doing a fast for awhile, so there won't be any food log updates for a bit, til I'm off the fast. Anyways, since I don't really have anything to share otherwise - here's a few pics :)

This first one is my baby, Tiger - who was killed on March 5th. I still miss him & tear up a little when I think of him. You can see, he was quite the possessive little shit. ;) haha...And so is his brother, Saru, who is starring in the rest of the pics. Anyway, that's all I've got right now. Kitty least I didn't LOLZ them, right? RIP Tiger...and god bless Saru :)

Tuesday, April 22

wish I could say I was doing better today...

but I can't. I fully intended on getting up early and exercising, since everyone left fairly early. But nooooooo...didn't drag my ass out of bed til 9'ish. :( And did I get dressed to workout? Nope...Why? I don't really know. I mean, I know why I'm depressed, just wish I could push myself to exercise anyway. I KNOW it would make me feel better, at least for a little while. *sigh* So, here I sit, at the computer AGAIN, knoshing on a frickin' mustard sandwich (hey, condiment sandwiches are my comfort food, leave me alone :P) and drinking a bottle of water. At least it's not soda, right? And at least there isn't meat or cheese in the sandwich. (Trying to look on the brighter side of things.) *sigh* Anyway, I'm outties for now...

Monday, April 21

food log...04.21.2008

not a good day over here in lilly-land :( after getting the kids off to school, went right back to bed & didn't get up until 11am. yeah...and now? now i'm eating frickin' whataburger KETCHUP (it's got crack in it, i swear) on sesame seed buns...nothing else...oh no...why would there be anything else on there??? *sigh*

today alone, i have eaten: the above-mentioned sesame buns & whataburger ketchup (2), 4 mini reese's cups, approx. 1 c smoked cheddar popcorn, 4 cinnamon spice drop candies & a few sips of very flat Barq's (from last night? i dunno...the can is sitting here on the desk, and i decided "why not?")...what? me?? depressed??? nooooooooo... /sarcasm

at least i'm just snacking and not gobbling down buckets of food :( i'll try to update later...all i can say is - be glad i don't have ice cream or cheese in the house...*sigh*

dinner: had 2 of the crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, 1 dinner roll (yes, w/butter), a nice sized filet (rare), some broccoli au gratin, & half of a bananas foster (and later, a creme brulee that we took home) :P it was fantastic, I must say...but oh so fattening!

Sunday, April 20


no ruth's chris tonight, got delayed til tmrw. but i haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks, so there isn't much to eat, i did the worst thing possible...whataburger! i'm so sick right now...i want to die...ugh!

update: less than an hr after the above incident, I pretty much vomited the whole thing...not surprising, as this sort of thing has happened before...yes, i know! i'm either dense or hard-headed. *sigh* I'll tell you this, you know how it got really annoying when they started tagging everything w/"extreme" (extreme sports, etc.)...well, my life has gone "extreme" and i'm not liking it. will come back w/more later...ttfn

Saturday, April 19

food log...04.19.2008

no food log today...ate very weird food...tmrw is the man's bday, so we are going to ruth's chris steakhouse...wish me luck!!

inquiring minds want to know...

who the hell is visiting my blog from Redwood City, CA? Curious, that's all....

Friday, April 18


In an effort to dust off my writing skills, I've decided to write a few articles for this here blog. I'm trying to jot down ideas every day and such. I think 2-3 articles a week would be good for now.

The plan is to write one article based on this little weight loss journey I'm on & another article about food in general. The food article would probably comprise a recipe or two, along w/some pictures or something, and some general info about the nutrients found in said food. I think that would be interesting for some people b/c I know I'm always looking for new recipes & stuff to try. So, actually, this will benefit in two ways, b/c I'll be honing my writing skills AND my photography skills at once! Wee! :)

Anyway, as for the more personal article, I don't know. I think I can help people who are struggling or having a hard time of things. I know I don't always have an easy time w/all this. But, I love to help people and think it would be awesome if something I wrote inspired someone or helped in some way. So, that's the plan...just thought I'd put that out there, that way I'm held accountable. I had the intention to do it, now I've stated it, so now I have to do it!

The kids should be home soon, so I better get ready to go back out & have some fun while the sun's still shining. (Not that it ever really stops shining in Texas *sigh*) ttfn!

food log...04.18.2008

sorry, sorry, sorry! i know i'm happens, you know? anyway...

8am = shot of POM & an apple
12N = cup of tomato basil soup & spinach salad (spinach, strawberries, pecans, mushrooms & red peppers) w/lite vinaigrette
2pm = grande nonfat caramel macchiato (i know, i know...but i had a craving, and it's not like i drink coffee all the time)
6pm = pb&j on ww pita
8pm = asian wrap w/chickpeas!! (i had them hold the chicken & i put in some chickpeas once i got it home...mmmm)

ow! ow! ow!

My thighs were apparently planning a revolt overnight, based upon the torture and torment that I put them through yesterday. Because today, they are barely about revenge! haha...weight went down a notch...I think I'm gaining muscle right now from the weight lifting I've been doing. Yes, I know, I haven't been logging it, but trust arms and legs can attest to it! ;)

Thursday, April 17


so, there's this challenge thingy going on over @ traineo - it's nearly done me in! heh...had to do 5 exercises (squats, lunges, jumping jacks, situps, and burpees), 1 min ea/max reps, no rest btwn exercises, 5 min total for 1 set - rest for a min - then two more sets. My thighs were killin' me on the squats (though these were probably my favourites out of all the exercises as I love squats!)...the lunges seemed to go sooooooo sloooooooow...the jumping jacks killed my poor boobies (even w/my best sports bra on)...the situps were the only ones that seemed easy...and the burpees? holy shit, the burpees...reminded me of sun salutations on crack!! I'll post my results here to prove to myself months from now that I really did this insane thing. I don't know if I'm going to try to improve my #s or not, but I might give it a shot before the challenge is "closed". ok, so....


squats 51/49/50 (best - 51)
lunges 20/24/22 (best - 24)
situps 32/30/32 (best - 32)
jumping jacks 40/45/46 (best - 46)
burpees 12/14/16 (best - 16)

right now, my thighs are killin', i don't even wanna go to the bathroom, it hurts so much (not to sit GET UP!!) AYYYYYYEEE! and I've had a raging headache all morning...I swear, right now I just wanna go back to bed! lol....toodles, poodles!

food log...04.17.2008

9:30 = smoothie - banana; strawberries; plain soy milk
11:00 = apple
1:00 = pb&j on whole wheat pita & small salad
4:00 = apple
7:30 = homemade pizza again (the kids were begging)...carrots later on ;)

Wednesday, April 16


so, I pushed myself today...did 45 mins cardio & 45 mins weights. all upper body stuff since my legs were dead from the cardio...heh

anyway...good times...good times... ;)

food log...04.16.2008

I'm so terrible...I didn't eat "breakfast" until 12N...and I've been up since I'm so weird...anyway...

12N = apple & raisin coleslaw (need to get some protein in there, maybe i'll grab some almonds)

I'm so proud of me! the man brought home bbq last night & I just ate my salad & had a teensy bit of bbq beans :) No sausage or brisket for me!! :-D hehe

salad = romaine, tomato, red onion, red peppers, & some chickpeas w/a nice balsamic dressing

Tuesday, April 15

food log...04.15.2008

confession: I've had at least 3 blueberry muffins today...*sigh* what will become of me when I'm doing this (baking) for my career??? sheesh
good news: I had a bowl of that raisin coleslaw as well...nothing else "bad" - no chocolate, no other sweets, nothing...

no idea what's for dinner...I need to go grocery shopping, but that's probably not going to happen *sigh* c'est la vie!

so, I decided to make pizza for dinner (had a craving)...made the dough & the sauce, topped mine w/soy cheese, onions & mushrooms ...the kids got a little pepperoni on theirs :P oh, and i had some diet pepsi...which is why i think i'm bloated right now :(

lns (late night snack) = carrots! yummm

yes, we have no bananas...

we have no bananas todaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

(sorry, i like that song)
anyway, i have no bananas...i haven't been drinking my smoothies...yes, i know i could make them w/o a banana, but i like them w/a me crazy, but i'm bananas for bananas ;) haha

anyway, so i had a blueberry muffin for breakfast....what?? it's not like they're STORE BOUGHT (as if!!) ;)

ok, ok...fiiiiine...i'm it a sugar rush ;) i'll bbl w/more, i promise...IDEAS, ppl...i gots 'em

Monday, April 14

blueberry muffins

not terribly diet friendly, but i tried to make 'em healthier by cutting the sugar, using whole wheat flour & cutting half the fat with applesauce...i also added more blueberries than the recipe called for...they're REALLY yummy!

disturbing precedent

I don't know what's wrong w/me...I keep STOPPING :( I don't like stopping...stopping means not moving, not moving means no progression, no progression means no results, no results means my fat ass stays MY FAT ASS! Not good...must change that...will do so now! toodles!

Saturday, April 12

food log...04.12.2008

somewhere around 10 am I had a venti caramel macchiato from starbucks...i almost never drink coffee, so this was a bit unusual for me...i love coffee, don't get me's just that i don't often have a desire to drink it *shrug*

took the kids to the movies around 12:30 & got a lightly salted pretzel (yup, that's it! no butter drenched popcorn, no candy, no soda...go me!!)

anyway, i'm waiting on my jason's deli order right now - I ordered a basic salad & the vegetarian pasta dish... :) let's hope they're not late....AGAIN *sigh*

Friday, April 11


so, I was bored earlier & decided to take my measurements...I was able to compare w/measurements I had taken in Dec last yr when I was 294 lbs (yeah, that's not a typo), which is very close to my starting weight of 303 lbs (again, NOT an effin' typo) as of Jan 28th :P

Here's what I got (along w/what I've lost in parens):

Neck: 15 1/2" (-1/2")
Bust: 49 1/2" (-1")
Chest: 40 1/2" (-1/2")
Waist: 44" (-3")
Hips: 57" (-3")
Thighs: 33 1/2" (-1 1/2")
Calves: 19" (-1/2")
Upper Arm: 19" (-1/2")
Forearm: 11 1/2" (-1/2")

Soooooooooooooo, the grand total is -11 inches, bay-bee!! woohoo!

takin' the day off today

yep, no food log, no exercise, no nuttin' :P tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming ;)

Thursday, April 10

food log...04.10.2008

9:30am = 1 Van's Organic Flax waffle (115 cal) w/1/2 Tbsp Smart Balance (25 cal) & abt 2 tbsp sugar free syrup (20 cal); 1 fuji apple
12n = handful of funyuns...yes, i know they're awful for you, but i love them :P
2:30pm = 1 c raisin coleslaw* (had to make up for the funyuns...heh)
4:15pm = abt 15 sm crackers ("bite size", similar to Ritz, but generic) & 1 oz Neufch√Ętel
8:00pm = more raisin coleslaw & some grapes

*it's really quite tasty, though i'm thinking of modifying the recipe a little more to my taste...i already adjusted a few things, but i think i could make it even better ;)

pics! hee hee....

so, here's the pics...decided to do them now vs. tmrw...the jeans are old jeans (love the fact that both tops are long enough to hide the baggy stomach area on these jeans...i can never find my size in the flare style @ the store...damn them) anyway...i still look short & frumpy, but who cares? i love the outfits :) ok, that's to pamper & stuff ;)


so, I know I shouldn't buy much in the way of clothes, but I haven't been buying much lately, and I hate most of the clothes I, I HATE IT when my jeans are loose. I'm not even exaggerating, I really f'in hate it when the tummy "pooches out" &'ve no idea how much that drives me nuts...anyway...

so, I bought two new tops and...brace yourself...a skirt...holy shit, yes, I bought a f'in skirt!! I can't even tell you the last time I bought a skirt, let alone wore one. So, here's the kicker...back in January, I bought a few shirts...all size 22/24. Yesterday, the shirts I got were 18/20!!! And they fit BEAUTIFULLY!!! Now, I'm still a 24 in pants (I think...I've been buying Right Fit jeans and have gone from a 7, to a 6, and now I'm a 5), but the skirt I got? Size 22, baby!!! Holy shit...a 22! Now, I can get away w/a smaller skirt b/c of my waist...It's my damned hips & ass that keep me in 24s. :(

Anyway, slowly but surely, the sizes are going down! I'll try to post some pics tomorrow...maybe...I need to chill out today and do some minor actually shaving my legs ;) haha...can't remember the last time I did that either (I'm so hairless, it's not funny, which is why I never shave) :P Seriously, though, my legs are blindingly white...need to shave & use some sort of sunless tanner stuff...hehe...toodles!

Wednesday, April 9

banana muffins

so, i made banana muffins tonight...subbed applesauce for the fat again & used abt 1/2 the sugar the recipe called for. they came out really tasty! i have to admit, i've had 2 of them already. made 12 & there's only 2 left, so i'd say they were a sucess! ;) i'll see if i can post the recipe (w/my modifications) tmrw.

food log...04.09.2008

11am = fruit smoothie (you know what's in 'em already, don't you?? lol)
6:30pm = (yes, i really haven't had anything to eat since 11am...haven't been hungry!) salad (usual romaine, roma tomato, red bell pepper, cucumber, & brainy blueberry dressing) & 1 c whole grain pasta w/sauce (yes, i make my own...keeps for abt 1 wk in the fridge...if you want the recipe, lemme know ;) hehe)

Turbo Jam!!!

(I'm cross-posting this from the Turbo Jam forum on Traineo, k? k...)
Well, I just got the Turbo Jam Maximum Results set...all I can say is WOW! My poor thighs! hahaha...

I've been doing the Walk at Home 3 Mile workout (w/Leslie Sansone) prior to this and Turbo Jam is DEFINITELY a step up in intensity. I only did the Learn & Burn, but I was sweating up a storm and really felt the burn in my abs & thighs. It was really fun! I can't wait to try the other workouts. But, I'm gonna stick w/the Learn & Burn 'til I have all the moves down. LOVED the capoeira moves mixed in...I'm 1/2 Brazilian and always wanted to learn capoeira!

Anyway, just wanted to share & say this is a really awesome workout!! You don't need much room at all (only had to push my coffee table out of the way). And they show modified moves for those of us who are a little slow or out of shape. ;) I liked the instructor, Chalene, a lot. Yeah, she's a little goofy, but her personality reminds me of my own, so I was diggin' it.

p.s. how fabulous are those hand weights?!! I can totally see using them w/my Walk at Home workouts, too! As well as when I actually go for a walk outdoors! hehe

Tuesday, April 8


still dancing around...not always in my chair, tho'...some songs are too good & my headphones are long enough ;) is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!

food log...04.08.2008

ok, i don't even know what to put down for today...i pretty much snacked on a few grapes this morning and that was it...been in a terrible downward spiral for a while and i think i'm finally beginning to stop spinning...*sigh* i forced myself to eat a turkey reuben from jason's (way too much sodium, i know...esp. since i always ask for extra sauerkraut [god help me, but i LOVE the stuff], but it's only 22% of cals from fat...abt 430 cals total) fave song!!!!!!!!!!!! haha...sorry, The Boxer by The Chemical Bros. just came on Pandora...anyway....

so, i had the reuben & a fruit cup (and yes, i ate their totally yummy yogurt concoction that they give you w/the fruit...b/c it's delicious, that's why!!!) and a diet boylan's black cherry soda :P

i know i had POM at some point today...but no random crackers, no cheese, no about bad...*sigh* anyway, i feel a bit better...should be much better after some "retail therapy" tomorrow...only thing really bumming me out right now is the fact that i have laundry to fold...i HATE laundry (esp. socks, which are the bane of my existence) >:(

oh yeah, and i've been bopping around in my chair for well over an hr now...god bless Pandora & my "Daft Punk radio" ;) lol

Monday, April 7

so not about my weight...

i don't know what it is, but when someone professes they are a "nerd" and claims to have taken "advanced placement" courses, etc., i expect more from them...and when you read an article by said person & they write per se as "per say" and write "past" instead of passed...well...colour me judgmental, but that totally negates their previous statements about nerdiness, IMHO :P

i realize many would think i'm not as intelligent as i am due to my disdain of capital letters, my overuse of smilies, and tendency towards run on i care? not really, as i don't go around talking about how nerdy i am or whatever...

do you ever find yourself having moments like this? where someone says something completely off and it changes your opinion of them? i don't like doing that, it just seems to happen sometimes...


  • need to get the adj. weight dumbells today (either that or get one of those weight pyramid thingies)
  • should be getting the turbo jam later on today
  • want to get a new sports bra...need more than one w/all this working out i'm doing, eh? ;)
  • want to get out of san antonio & go to the coast...missing water lately
  • need to cash that damned tax refund ck today!!
  • deposited check, will go buy weights tmrw
  • TurboJam arrived!!! yay!! and what's cool is that it came w/weighted gloves, so i don't have to go buy some to kick up my Walk at Home workouts ;) will try out TJ tmrw morning
  • will order sportsbra & other asst items tmrw as well
  • priced some Disney pkgs for upcoming vacation...will hit up the water in Cocoa Beach prior to arrival in Orlando :P
that is all.... ;)

food log...04.07.2008

10am = smoothie (usual ingredients, banana, berries, soymilk)
12n = apple w/1 T peanut butter
3:30pm = veggie burger on sesame bun w/tomato & lettuce + 1 tsp catsup; lipton diet green tea
5pm = POM + club soda; 5 pcs dove choc w/caramel (yeah, yeah...but i NEED chocolate!!! lol)

Sunday, April 6

food log...04.06.2008

there is no food log today...i'm planning on drinking only water & a little POM today. ttfn!

*updated* started out ok, then started snacking on everything in weight gain from this, but i really wish i didn't react like this when my damn period strikes :(

Saturday, April 5


i almost can't wait to start seriously lifting weights again! we got a weight bench w/the leg extension thingy & preacher curl pad last week. i've been testing things out to see how much weight i can handle. anyway, now all i need are some dumbells & i'll be set :) w00t! can't wait!!

food log...04.05.2008

10am = potato & egg taco (didn't eat all of the tortilla)
12pm - 3pm = snacked on way too much junk, can't even list it all...stressed, monthly bill came...don't wanna talk about it :(

Friday, April 4

black bean citrus salad

(click to enlarge for recipe)

I wanted to post this recipe from New Vegetarian Cuisine b/c I've tried it before and it's really delicious. I won't be eating it tonight, but I might make it tomorrow. I really need to get back to making hummus every week (along w/my whole wheat pitas). I haven't been eating my beans, and that's not good. Anyway, sorry it's just a scan, but I really didn't want to type it all out. (by the by, you can see how much I really like this cookbook, right? look at all my post-it flags! hahahaha) :)


amazing what a little time spent w/your children will do for you ;) i feel so much better now...

some days

i really wish people would lighten the fuck up...i'm no expert, and i'm not perfect...all i know is what works for me...and if sharing that helps others, then great...i don't tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do...i don't understand why i have to put up with people telling ME what i should do all goddamned day...people are crazy...end of story

i'm so bluuuuuuuuue...feelin' bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuue

haha...ok, not really...i'm such a strange duck...i pulled a bag of blueberries from the freezer to defrost & i'm all excited b/c i'll be using them to make my FAVOURITE salad dressing's the recipe:


½ pack frozen blueberries
2 dates
2 tbsp raspberry vinegar
1 tbsp lemon juice

Blend together.

Got the recipe from Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (awesome book, btw)....i swear, i actually make "yummy sounds" while eating a salad w/this dressing on it. granted, you probably have to like blueberries to enjoy it, but it's just soooo delicious...

can ya tell i'm excited?? hahahaha...i'm such a nut :P

god help me...

i'm having one of those "someone is WRONG on the internet" moments... *sigh*
must. resist. replying...haha

in other news, i think i'm still recuperating from the illness i had earlier in the week...i'll be glad to start up the bfl thing next week though. :)

food log...04.04.2008

am = 2 oz POM & smoothie: banana, strawberries & 1/2 c unsweetened soymilk + handful raw nuts
snack = grapes!!! :D

1:26 pm - now i'm stressed out and eating like a mo' fo'...what the hell?? i don't even know what to label this...lunch? a snack? i ate about 6 olives, a piece of bread w/mustard on it, a choc chip muffin, about 1/2 c of cooked pasta (cold, right out of the fridge, no less) & a shitload of carrots - all in the last 10-20 i hate stress :(
dammit, i forgot about the pretzels...handful of pretzels, too :( fucking hell...i'm sooo gaining weight from this...why can't people just leave me the fuck alone? :(
2:19 - veggie burger on sesame bun & big blueberry dressing yet...saving that for tonight :D

Thursday, April 3

*happy dance*

my shoes arrived!!! wooohoooo!!!!! I placed the order yesterday, dude...and they got here TODAY! do you understand? free shipping...and i got them TODAY. crazy...but you gotta love

anywho, here are some pics...yes, i know they are crocs, and trust me, i probably hate crocs more than you do...but they're cute! and comfy...and i love, :P~ thbbbpppptttt!!!!!! (be nice, i'm actually showing you my c'ankles & giant calves :( heh)

and yes, i know my feet look incredibly small, but trust me...they are not small...anyways, i'm happy...they're comfy and cute...*dances off to make lunch* ;)

food log...04.03.2008

am = smoothie (1 banana, half bag of froz blueberries + a few froz strawberries & 1/2 c unsweetened soymilk)
noon = romaine, 1 roma tomato, 1/2 red bell pepper (they're huge), 1 cucumber w/dressing (balsamic vin., onion pwdr, garlic pwdr & tarragon)
snack = handful of pretzels (yes, i know...bad sodium! bad!! *sigh*
pm* = whole grain pasta (abt 1 cup, cooked) w/fresh tomato sauce (i put TONS of veggies in my tomato sauce) & a salad
snack = grapes

*the rest of the fam w/be getting turkey meatballs w/theirs...i was thinking i could probably make "meatballs" out of chickpeas (will experiment another day) and bake them (after all, falafels are kinda like chickpea meatballs! lol)...that's on my "to do" list ;) i need to eat more beans though...should've had some w/my salad :(

what the hell...

everyone and their mother seems to want to talk to me today...
i haven't been able to get my morning workout all!
i haven't even eaten breakfast & it's now FIVE HOURS since i woke up...
this is NOT good for my weight loss, people! lol
what to do, what to do? do i eat breakfast? postpone the workout?
i think that's what i should do...eating is more important than the exercise right now
goodness, but i HATE making decisions!!! :P

by the by...i took a new pic this morning to compare w/the other...
they say it can take as much as 2-3 months for weight loss to show on a woman's body (depending on amt lost, i say)...
i don't's only 6 lbs lost since the last pic...
but it SEEMS like there's a difference...might post it later just to see what y'all think ;)

30 lbs!!

*happy dance* 30 lbs lost!! w00t!! (30.3, to be exact)

i'm a happy, happy girl! ;)

Wednesday, April 2

food log...04.02.2008 UPDATE

snack = 2 oz POM w/1 can Fresca & sm choc chip muffin
(now b4 you get on my case for the muffin - i made them myself w/ whole wheat pastry flour, date sugar, soy milk, egg beaters, & unsweetened applesauce instead of oil...the only fat is in the choc, so :-P!)

exercise & shopping

now, if you know me at all, you know that i seriously dislike shopping...i've been known to shop at the super wally world (wal-mart) at 4am for my groceries simply b/c i hate the whole shopping "experience" (i.e., grocery shopping, in fact, ranks right up there w/visiting my peesh doc, so yeah...i'm not overly enthused.

now, when i lived in nj/ny, it was a bit better b/c there were plenty of farmer's markets & bodegas to visit for my in tx (where they grow just about everything) farmer's markets are not easy to find or come, i'm stuck going to h-e-b (our main grocery store...there's also sun harvest & whole foods for the gourmet stuff) for everything...

let me describe to you my usual shopping "experience", shall i? this way you'll get an idea of what i go thru:
  1. first, there's the people...always an endless stream of people to get into this place...why? i don't fucking know...there's an h-e-b every 3 miles in this town, you'd think people would just stay local
  2. get the cart, walk to the far end of the store and start there (logical, no?)...but first have to fight my way through all the lolly-gaggers in the frickin' main aisle to get to that far end *sigh* oh, and this store is gigantic...HUGE...takes at least 1-2 mins just to reach the far end
  3. get all the heavy stuff first and load up the cart, trying to move as swiftly as possible around gramps who can't decide which crackers to buy, or suzy homemaker who leaves her cart on one side of the aisle, but stands on the other side to peruse the multitudes of laundry detergents available to her, or billy picks-his-nose-a-lot who insists on running in and out of the aisle like this is play-land (how i miss the grocer's in nj that have little play-lands built in where the kiddos can stay while mommy or daddy does the shopping) *double sigh*
  4. often i am left standing there, patiently waiting for said "aisle blocker" to move their farking carcass outta my i say anything? not usually...i hate to be a bitch...but when my tolerance level has been breached, i do *cough* & say excuse me while desperately trying to nudge my way past the rude bastard *heavy duty sigh*
  5. it's at this point that i usually check my list, realize i forgot something 5 aisles ago & have to backtrack to get it...this is often more arduous than the first time around b/c all the slow people i left behind ARE STILL THERE!!!!! *whew* sorry, got away from me for a second
  6. produce is always last & here i take my time...i always go shopping w/a list, but things often change depending on what's available, what's fresh, etc. lately they've been having a lot of tropical fruit, so i've been loading up! :) anyway, this is the only area i go slow, but it's worth it and i always pay attention to the "traffic" and try to stay out of other people's way...
  7. then it's on to the check cart is usually PACKED w/stuff...i'm very organized and have a "system" (you knew i'd say that, didn't you?)...i have a system for UNPACKING it as well...honestly, i wish they'd let me bag my own groceries...but that seems to be against the law in tx, b/c every time i try, someone comes rushing over to do it for me...weirdos...anyway, i try to get everything on the conveyor as fast as possible...i'm usually sweating at this point from all the (attempts at) speed walking thru the store, plus by the time i'm done, i'm pushing about 300 lbs of groceries around (not exaggerating)...they always ask if i need help taking it out to the car & i always (politely) say used to offend me, 'til i realized they have to do it...
  8. take everything out to the car, load up the back (again, i have a system!! lol) and go home
  9. get everything inside the house, unpack, put away, blah blah...usually still a little sweat there, too
and there you have it...after i roll up all the bags (saves space & we use them as kitchen trash bags), i'm done...but do you see? do you see all the crap i have to go thru? i HATE shopping...i HATE slow people...i realize that may be me one day, but by god, i will do everything in my power to keep that from happening!!! sheesh...

(events might have been slightly over-dramatized for your amusement ;) hehe)

p.s. now you know why i log this shit as a workout on traineo...all in all, i spent over 2 hrs shopping

organic food bar - omega-3 flax flavour

as you may or may not recall, i've reviewed the vegan organic food bar & the active greens organic food bar, i tried the omega-3 flax flavour...either i'm getting used to these things, or they're getting better, b/c the omega-3 one wasn't so bad. here's the breakdown:

310 cal - 140 fat cal (but all from healthy fats) - 100% raw - 8g dietary fiber - 10g organic protein - 8000mg bio-sprouts(tm)

and the standard that all the bars have/are: Non-GMO - Alkaline forming - No Trans Fats - No Refined Sugars

and the ingredient list, for those interested, all certified organic:

Organic Almond Butter, Organic Dates, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Bio-Sprouts(tm) - Flax, Organic Bio-Sprouts(tm) - Quinoa, Organic Biodynamic(tm) Demeter Raisins, Organic Sesame Seeds and "Lots of Love!"

aside from the oily film in the mouth after each bite (yeah, can't get over that! always drink tons of water when i eat these to wash it away), it was REALLY tasty....i actually liked this one better than the vegan one...AND it's 100% raw...that's awesome...anyway, like i said in the last post, you can find these at, or if you don't want to buy bulk before trying, check out your local supermarket (better off trying to find them at whole foods/wild oats) ;) oh, and if you want to check out their website, it's

food log...04.02.2008

am = an apple & a handful of grapes*
noon = organic food bar (omega-3 flax) + apricot "leather" strip
pm = other half of asian chicken wrap~ & salad (romaine, tomato, cucumber, peppers + balsamic vin.)

*yes, i know i should eat more, but this headache is kicking my ass...excuse me while i od on excedrin :P
~ for the curious, here's the description: Grilled chicken breast marinated in Japanese tonkatsu sauce with lettuce, julienne carrots, fresh cilantro and sweet chili sauce in a flour tortilla. Contains fish sauce, soybeans and wheat.
and the nutrition info (remember, these #s are for the whole wrap! i only ate 1/2 ea. time): calories (505); fat g (11); protein g (44); carb g (79); dietary fibre g (5); sugar g (26)

Tuesday, April 1

food log update...04.01.2008

pm = garden salad w/balsamic vin. & 1/2 asian chicken wrap (less than 20% calories from fat & i picked out most of the chicken)

body for life goals

so, part of the whole body for life (bfl) program is setting up a series of goals you would like to achieve in the 12 weeks of the program. now, mind you...if i start this thing next monday, i won't be done until June 30th. which is a few weeks after my start at will be interesting to see how i get my workouts in then! heh anyway, here's what i've got so far:

  1. I will lose 40 lbs of fat within 12 weeks
  2. I will bench press 100 lbs within 12 weeks
  3. I will jog 1 mile within 12 weeks
  4. I will do a yoga headstand within 12 weeks
  5. I will do 100 crunches w/o stopping within 12 weeks
Unauthorized Patterns of Action
  • I will eat high-nutrient foods & limit all low-nutrient foods (no cheating!!)
  • I will not skip any workouts
  • I will allow myself only ONE "cheat" day per week (NOT 2)
New Patterns of Action
  • I will lift weights four three* days a week
  • I will eat six mini-meals a day
  • I will get more sleep (at least 7 hrs a night)
oh, and i will make sure to read my goals & action items every morning & every night ;)

*edited to just three...dude doesn't want you lifting weights more than 3x's a week :(

food log...04.01.2008

am = smoothie: strawberries, banana & grapes + 1/2 c van. soymilk
noon = whole grain tortilla w/1 T peanut butter (organic) & 1 T strawberry all-fruit pres. + baby carrots (abt 20)
snack = a handful of brazil nuts