Friday, April 18


In an effort to dust off my writing skills, I've decided to write a few articles for this here blog. I'm trying to jot down ideas every day and such. I think 2-3 articles a week would be good for now.

The plan is to write one article based on this little weight loss journey I'm on & another article about food in general. The food article would probably comprise a recipe or two, along w/some pictures or something, and some general info about the nutrients found in said food. I think that would be interesting for some people b/c I know I'm always looking for new recipes & stuff to try. So, actually, this will benefit in two ways, b/c I'll be honing my writing skills AND my photography skills at once! Wee! :)

Anyway, as for the more personal article, I don't know. I think I can help people who are struggling or having a hard time of things. I know I don't always have an easy time w/all this. But, I love to help people and think it would be awesome if something I wrote inspired someone or helped in some way. So, that's the plan...just thought I'd put that out there, that way I'm held accountable. I had the intention to do it, now I've stated it, so now I have to do it!

The kids should be home soon, so I better get ready to go back out & have some fun while the sun's still shining. (Not that it ever really stops shining in Texas *sigh*) ttfn!

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