Monday, April 21

food log...04.21.2008

not a good day over here in lilly-land :( after getting the kids off to school, went right back to bed & didn't get up until 11am. yeah...and now? now i'm eating frickin' whataburger KETCHUP (it's got crack in it, i swear) on sesame seed buns...nothing else...oh no...why would there be anything else on there??? *sigh*

today alone, i have eaten: the above-mentioned sesame buns & whataburger ketchup (2), 4 mini reese's cups, approx. 1 c smoked cheddar popcorn, 4 cinnamon spice drop candies & a few sips of very flat Barq's (from last night? i dunno...the can is sitting here on the desk, and i decided "why not?")...what? me?? depressed??? nooooooooo... /sarcasm

at least i'm just snacking and not gobbling down buckets of food :( i'll try to update later...all i can say is - be glad i don't have ice cream or cheese in the house...*sigh*

dinner: had 2 of the crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, 1 dinner roll (yes, w/butter), a nice sized filet (rare), some broccoli au gratin, & half of a bananas foster (and later, a creme brulee that we took home) :P it was fantastic, I must say...but oh so fattening!

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