Monday, May 5

I'm still standing better than I ever did...

(hey, it's the only Elton John song I like, gimme a break)

Ok, so...shitloads of water weight gain later...I'm finally on the fast. This shit tastes disgusting, but I'm dealing w/it by not breathing while I drink :p heh I think I may need to go back to the maple syrup afterall, b/c the molasses version is FOUL...ya hear? holla!!

Anyway, the water will melt off...the weight will go back to what it was, and things will be fine. Realized Saturn finally went direct in Virgo the other day, so I think that's gonna help me get back on target. :) (what? oh, leave astrology alone for a day...)

The first few days are always the most difficult. But, after that it should be smooth sailing....

Start date of fast: 05/05/08 (hey! cinco de mayo...whoopee)
Last day of fast: 05/15/08
Transition period: 05/16 - 05/19

Yeah, it's hard to go back to food after not eating for awhile. It basically goes like this - continue w/fasting liquid, add broth; next day - liquid, broth, then juice; day after that - liquid, broth, juice, then soup; day after that (last day of transition) - liquid, broth, juice, soup, fruit. After that, you can pretty much go back to eating "normally"...ya know, but HEALTHIER. Otherwise, you went thru all that for nothing. I leave for NYC on May 23rd. Don't know how things will fare whilst on the road, but it shouldn't be too terrible. :) Anyway, that's all I've got to add right now. Will update again soon...

Thursday, April 24

no worries...

I haven't given up...still around...will be doing a fast for awhile, so there won't be any food log updates for a bit, til I'm off the fast. Anyways, since I don't really have anything to share otherwise - here's a few pics :)

This first one is my baby, Tiger - who was killed on March 5th. I still miss him & tear up a little when I think of him. You can see, he was quite the possessive little shit. ;) haha...And so is his brother, Saru, who is starring in the rest of the pics. Anyway, that's all I've got right now. Kitty least I didn't LOLZ them, right? RIP Tiger...and god bless Saru :)

Tuesday, April 22

wish I could say I was doing better today...

but I can't. I fully intended on getting up early and exercising, since everyone left fairly early. But nooooooo...didn't drag my ass out of bed til 9'ish. :( And did I get dressed to workout? Nope...Why? I don't really know. I mean, I know why I'm depressed, just wish I could push myself to exercise anyway. I KNOW it would make me feel better, at least for a little while. *sigh* So, here I sit, at the computer AGAIN, knoshing on a frickin' mustard sandwich (hey, condiment sandwiches are my comfort food, leave me alone :P) and drinking a bottle of water. At least it's not soda, right? And at least there isn't meat or cheese in the sandwich. (Trying to look on the brighter side of things.) *sigh* Anyway, I'm outties for now...

Monday, April 21

food log...04.21.2008

not a good day over here in lilly-land :( after getting the kids off to school, went right back to bed & didn't get up until 11am. yeah...and now? now i'm eating frickin' whataburger KETCHUP (it's got crack in it, i swear) on sesame seed buns...nothing else...oh no...why would there be anything else on there??? *sigh*

today alone, i have eaten: the above-mentioned sesame buns & whataburger ketchup (2), 4 mini reese's cups, approx. 1 c smoked cheddar popcorn, 4 cinnamon spice drop candies & a few sips of very flat Barq's (from last night? i dunno...the can is sitting here on the desk, and i decided "why not?")...what? me?? depressed??? nooooooooo... /sarcasm

at least i'm just snacking and not gobbling down buckets of food :( i'll try to update later...all i can say is - be glad i don't have ice cream or cheese in the house...*sigh*

dinner: had 2 of the crabmeat stuffed mushrooms, 1 dinner roll (yes, w/butter), a nice sized filet (rare), some broccoli au gratin, & half of a bananas foster (and later, a creme brulee that we took home) :P it was fantastic, I must say...but oh so fattening!

Sunday, April 20


no ruth's chris tonight, got delayed til tmrw. but i haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks, so there isn't much to eat, i did the worst thing possible...whataburger! i'm so sick right now...i want to die...ugh!

update: less than an hr after the above incident, I pretty much vomited the whole thing...not surprising, as this sort of thing has happened before...yes, i know! i'm either dense or hard-headed. *sigh* I'll tell you this, you know how it got really annoying when they started tagging everything w/"extreme" (extreme sports, etc.)...well, my life has gone "extreme" and i'm not liking it. will come back w/more later...ttfn

Saturday, April 19

food log...04.19.2008

no food log today...ate very weird food...tmrw is the man's bday, so we are going to ruth's chris steakhouse...wish me luck!!

inquiring minds want to know...

who the hell is visiting my blog from Redwood City, CA? Curious, that's all....

Friday, April 18


In an effort to dust off my writing skills, I've decided to write a few articles for this here blog. I'm trying to jot down ideas every day and such. I think 2-3 articles a week would be good for now.

The plan is to write one article based on this little weight loss journey I'm on & another article about food in general. The food article would probably comprise a recipe or two, along w/some pictures or something, and some general info about the nutrients found in said food. I think that would be interesting for some people b/c I know I'm always looking for new recipes & stuff to try. So, actually, this will benefit in two ways, b/c I'll be honing my writing skills AND my photography skills at once! Wee! :)

Anyway, as for the more personal article, I don't know. I think I can help people who are struggling or having a hard time of things. I know I don't always have an easy time w/all this. But, I love to help people and think it would be awesome if something I wrote inspired someone or helped in some way. So, that's the plan...just thought I'd put that out there, that way I'm held accountable. I had the intention to do it, now I've stated it, so now I have to do it!

The kids should be home soon, so I better get ready to go back out & have some fun while the sun's still shining. (Not that it ever really stops shining in Texas *sigh*) ttfn!

food log...04.18.2008

sorry, sorry, sorry! i know i'm happens, you know? anyway...

8am = shot of POM & an apple
12N = cup of tomato basil soup & spinach salad (spinach, strawberries, pecans, mushrooms & red peppers) w/lite vinaigrette
2pm = grande nonfat caramel macchiato (i know, i know...but i had a craving, and it's not like i drink coffee all the time)
6pm = pb&j on ww pita
8pm = asian wrap w/chickpeas!! (i had them hold the chicken & i put in some chickpeas once i got it home...mmmm)

ow! ow! ow!

My thighs were apparently planning a revolt overnight, based upon the torture and torment that I put them through yesterday. Because today, they are barely about revenge! haha...weight went down a notch...I think I'm gaining muscle right now from the weight lifting I've been doing. Yes, I know, I haven't been logging it, but trust arms and legs can attest to it! ;)