Monday, May 5

I'm still standing better than I ever did...

(hey, it's the only Elton John song I like, gimme a break)

Ok, so...shitloads of water weight gain later...I'm finally on the fast. This shit tastes disgusting, but I'm dealing w/it by not breathing while I drink :p heh I think I may need to go back to the maple syrup afterall, b/c the molasses version is FOUL...ya hear? holla!!

Anyway, the water will melt off...the weight will go back to what it was, and things will be fine. Realized Saturn finally went direct in Virgo the other day, so I think that's gonna help me get back on target. :) (what? oh, leave astrology alone for a day...)

The first few days are always the most difficult. But, after that it should be smooth sailing....

Start date of fast: 05/05/08 (hey! cinco de mayo...whoopee)
Last day of fast: 05/15/08
Transition period: 05/16 - 05/19

Yeah, it's hard to go back to food after not eating for awhile. It basically goes like this - continue w/fasting liquid, add broth; next day - liquid, broth, then juice; day after that - liquid, broth, juice, then soup; day after that (last day of transition) - liquid, broth, juice, soup, fruit. After that, you can pretty much go back to eating "normally"...ya know, but HEALTHIER. Otherwise, you went thru all that for nothing. I leave for NYC on May 23rd. Don't know how things will fare whilst on the road, but it shouldn't be too terrible. :) Anyway, that's all I've got to add right now. Will update again soon...